From a single technical resource, a service desk agent through to an entire IT department including an IT Manager, full-time, part-time or contractual for a defined period, we have the skills and resources to fulfill your outsourced IT staffing requirements.



THUSA Consult will assess the business objectives; identify key ICT requirements that will assist in meeting business objectives; audit the current environment and compare against the requirements; build a strategic ICT roadmap that will enable the achievement of business objectives within budget and timelines and continuously monitor, assess and improve the over-riding ICT strategy.



Ensuring adherence to Governance standards can be a full time role, all on its own. THUSA Consult will assist an organisation to determine, develop and maintain Best Practice and Operational Guidelines specific to their organisation.

Whether Disaster Recovery Planning, IT Policy documentation or even Business Continuity Assessments, THUSA Consult can assist you to make the right decisions for your organisation’s future!



Management of your network is no longer about the devices. It’s about operational efficiency, tactical use of funds and developing an IT strategy that reflects the business focus. THUSA Consult will ensure that the operational ICT management follows the strategic direction of the organisation and is executed according to the policies and governance procedures previously determined. The Consult team has extensive experience in Department Management, Resource and Escalation Management, Vendor Integration Support, Vendor Management, Internal Process Management, Reporting and even Budgeting.