Governance, Strategy and IT Operations


Most organisations overlook the IT investments necessary to maintain stability, support a new offering or accommodate expansion of their outputs.

Our Strategic Services are all about taking a dynamic, holistic approach to IT. We manage the maturity of IT within the context of our clients' organisations, ensuring that there is a constant drive for improvement and optimisation.

By understanding the “business” of our clients, we can align technology to meet the specific requirements and governance objectives of their environments over time.

The focus is on producing value for stakeholders by managing risk, optimising costs and optimising resources.

We follow internationally recognised standards and frameworks and thus take a structured, proven approach to align the processes and objectives that drive improved business-IT alignment.

Value creation is determined as follows:

Risk optimisation

Evaluate risk and optimise risk resistance where it matters.

Benefits realised

Evaluate whether business is being enabled and receiving the functionality from IT.

Resource optimisation

Evaluate and optimise existing resources to better benefit the company.

With this as the foundation, we perform an analysis of the status quo to determine the risks and gaps that require attention. We then produce an infrastructure report which we use to provide feedback in, layman's terms, to the critical stakeholders for IT within the business. These steps are what form the basis for future planning and strategic drive towards IT maturity.

With COBIT's Value Definition, we use the following model to deliver IT Strategy to our clients with their Core Business Output being the centre of our focus.


- IT Infrastructure
- Vulnerabilities

Analyse and Report

- Risk Analysis
- Gap Analysis
- Maturity Assessment


- Justification
- Roadmap
- Budget


- Project Planning
- Manage Change


- Disaster Recovery Planning
- IT Processes
- IT Policies
- Strategic Reviews


- Innovative and Continual
  Improvement Initiatives